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Title says it all really.  For those of you who don't know me, my name's Matalan, one of the officers of this kin.  I got into making videos of kin runs quite a while back 'just for fun', that then developed into full blown tutorials and guides on how to do stuff in LOTRO that you may need help with.  These are all listed below with a brief description and a video you can watch on this page.

Please note that I advise you to watch these in detail at 720p by clicking the 'Watch on YouTube' button to the right under the video you want to watch.  Reason for that is that I often put links and extra info into the descriptions of the videos - and you can only see those on the actual YouTube site. 

I want to keep this page fairly brief and easy to navigate, kind of like a quick reference guide, so I won't fill it up with loads of links, if you want detailed info be sure to check the video description on YouTube, or check the Tutorials section of the main forum to see if there is a more detailed 'How To' which accompanies the video.

If you have any questions or suggestions on future videos you can get in touch with me by sending in game mail, or a direct private message on this site!

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Basic Combat Tips

A couple of tips for anyone wanting to improve their playing!  I talk about how to see which mob you have selected MUCH easier, and how to find out who in your group has agro, as well as which mob any player is targetting.




Tonic Bars Plugin

A look at a very handy plugin indeed.  Load up as many quickslot bars as you fancy, and position them where you think is best!  I take a look at a couple of advanced features as well.


Raidrolls Plugin

This is a very handy tool to use if leading a raid in 'master looter', take a look, anyone can use the plugin so if you want to make sure rolls are done fairly you can use this in the background to doublecheck the leader doesnt make any mistakes!


School at Tham Mirdain

May now be slightly outdated with the changes to currency in game, but still a fun look at how to run through this 3-man.


Bree Rooftop Tour

Ever wanted to get on top of Bree and ride around on the rooftops with your horse?  Well, your dreams have come true!


Skirmish Mark Mania

Again the currencies are different in the game now, but it still stands that this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get some medallions, a few relics, earn some money and lvl your legendary weapons.

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