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While Seekers of the Silmarils is a very relaxed group, we do find that a certain level of structure is necessary for any community to function and thrive.  To that end, we have established the following policies concerning ranks and advancement within the kinship.

We are a merit-based kinship.  We believe that advancement within the kinship should be based upon participation, rather than simply "time served".  Below is a breakdown of the kinship ranks and what is required to achieve each.


All new members are recruits by default.  This level of membership has very limited privileges and serves as a trial period.  The main purpose is to see if Kinship life is for you.  You will not be evaluated or watched, but you should try to involve yourself with the Kinship as much as possible to see if you enjoy it.  Register on the website, post on the forum, do some polls, go to a Kin party, use the Kin Chat while online, get into a few groups, etc.  If you decide that we aren’t for you, leave the kinship with no hard-feelings.  You will not be judged.  If you enjoy doing things and being involved in the Kinship, register your character on the website, you will be advanced to a Member after a few days.


In order to have any chance of being promoted to Member, you must join the kinship website and participate at least nominally on the forum.  We're not saying that you need to post every day, but you should at least check in regularly to make sure that you're aware of kinship events, etc.

Again, the recruit level is a trial period for the player.  Any member that registers on the website and is involved in the kinship at least enough for the officers to recognize the characters name, will be advanced to Member.

Members receive an in-game title and the ability to travel to the kinship house.  They will be able to create kinship-only auctions as well as purchase from such auctions.  Members will also have the ability to arrange events (with advanced notice).


Seekers of the Silmarils does not have a predetermined number of officers.  Promotion to officer will never be obligatory, and is based solely upon merit.  We will be looking for people who take initiative and come up with ideas for events, help plan and run events, etc. We look for people who are helpful, friendly, and polite to their fellow members and game-players. Above all else, our officers must have a good sense of humour. Our kinship jokes frequently, but our officers do so excessively and joking/hard-felt comments made between officers must never be taken seriously. At the end of the day we are all friends.

In short, those who are promoted to Officer will have been determined by the existing kinship leadership to have demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication to the kinship.  However, we also recognize that not everyone wishes to hold a leadership position within the kinship.  Before promoting someone to Officer, we will always ask the individual to see if this is something they'd like to take on.

In addition to the privileges accorded to Members, an Officer also gains expanded banking privileges and some website administration functions. .

It is also possible to step down or be demoted from an Officer position.  For example, and Officer who has been absent from the game for more than 90 days will be demoted automatically.  They may, however, be promoted again in the future.


The Leader retains final veto power in any kinship matter and so can override the decisions of the Officers.  Should the Leader wish to step down (including if leaving the game or deciding to go to a different kinship), he will first arrange for a transition of power to the new Leader.  This is to ensure that Seekers of the Silmarils remains a thriving and viable kinship for the long term.


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