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!!!IMPORTANT!!! Seekers of the Silmarils (Nimrodel) have moved to Arkenstone!  If you have not been playing much lately and have discovered the Nimrodel server has closed, please use the transfer button in the game launcher to move your toons to Arkenstone, you will be added back into the kin automatically.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Seekers of the Silmarils is a laid back kinship based on helping players progress through the game.  The Kinship is very relaxed and encourages members to make the Guild the way they want it.  Officers are very active, but are always open to suggestions and ideas.  Raids, Skirmishes, and Events are never mandatory, but are highly suggested.

The few Requirements we have are Simple:
1)  Be respectful to your Kinmates and other players.
2)  Help out one another and be understanding when a lower-level character is struggling.  Help out one another, since many quests require large groups, but don't always expect help to come at the instant of a request.  Aid each other, but don't expect work to be done for you. 
3)  Take Initiative!  If you want an event to happen (kin party, Raid, PvMP, etc), make a suggestion in the forum.  Don't just sit around with your ideas to yourself (although we're in Middle Earth, we can't read minds...  no All-Seeing Eyes in here).  If you want something to happen, let us know.
4)  Have Fun!

Aquitas - Leader 

Ramallo - Founder

Matalan - Successor

Sashapadaman - Officer       Reignmaker - Officer            Pilot - Officer                    

Grimgadene - Officer           Wyngal - Officer                  Hatun - Officer

Tuorond - Officer                 Erkinfrid - Officer                Kennidy - Junior Officer


"Wow that was ugly...  but it worked." ~Anonymous Participant in Seekers Raid - This quote sums up everything our kinship stands for.

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